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Update 22/12/2017:

Big News announcement: Hypersonic Models' shop will (temporarily) close at the end of March for a major relocationI will move from the UK to Japan at the end of April and will have to close down the workshop to pack everything for shipment. At the moment, I can't predict when I will be able to sell again through the webshop, but I hope to have my workshop up and running by the End of August.

Naturally things will be a bit different after re-opening, prices will be in Yen for starters and postage rates will reflect the new location. There will be a currency converter tool to give you and indication of the daily exchange rates. While the shop is closed, you can order HM products from a few places: Hobbyland and Kustom Models in Japan, Shmipu in China and, most attractive for guys in Europe and the Americas, from The48ers in Cyprus, who will shortly receive a big restock of items as well. There links will be didplayed on the homepage here after closure.

Update 22/12/2017:

Merry Christmas everyone! The shop will remain open during the holidays, but the earliest I can process and post new orders will be the 28th of December. Take care and have a great time.

Update 13/11/2017:

The shop is open! Thank you for stopping at my table in Telford and thank you for your patience with the frequent closures as well. I have a number of items such as Skywarrior sets re-stocked already. I hope there won't be any further problems with the domain move...

Update 31/10/2017:

The domain of the website has now changed. It is from now on ! There is a redirect in place so all requests for the old website should land on the .com website. I still have some issues with email redirection though. The email addresses work, but emails sent to addresses currently get an error message. I hope this can be resolved fairly soon.

Update 30/10/2017:

Ok, as announced previously, the shop is now closed for Telford preparations. I'll re-open on the 13th of November, after the show. Also, I'm in the process of moving domains from to !! The address will still be valid for quite some time though and will automatically redirect you to the .com site. Hopefully by the time I reopen everything will be up and running.

Update 18/10/2017:

Back in the workshop and the shop is now open. Telford show orders are also possible, just select "personal pickup/show" in the delivery options tab. You will receive the usual 10% refund after placing the order. The shop will close again on October 30th for two weeks for Telford preparations.

Update 01/10/2017:

New information on shop opening: The shop is now closed, until October 17th. Then it'll be open for nearly two weeks until about the end of the month and you will be able to place any orders for Scale Model World, Telford. I'll then close again for two weeks for the usual preparations for the show. Please note that during this time the Skywarrior engine and canopy sets will not be available in the shop. However, you can contact me directly if you would like to order these items for the show or have them added to your order.

Coming Soon: what's currently in the works, physically taking shape as we speak.