Welcome to Hypersonic Models, home of carefully researched and crafted aftermarket

sets for aircraft models.

The webshop is temporarily closed. You can purchase Hypersonic Models' products at

the following retailers:

The48ers (located in Cyprus)

Hobbyland (located in Japan)

Kustom Models (located in Japan)

Shmipu (located in China)

What's new

Update 11/08/2018:

It's been a while - thank you for staying with me! The workshop is set up in Japan and I will start casting imminently. As you can see, the website has received a little makeover as well. Once I have some stock I will bring back the product categories and activate the shopping cart facility.

Update 31/03/2018:

Hypersonic Models' shop is now closed for major relocation. We will move from the UK to Japan and can't produce or sell until the workshop is back up and running and all supply chains have been established. I estimate to be back live around August 2018.

Naturally things will be a bit different after re-opening, prices will be in Yen for starters and postage rates will reflect the new location. There will be a currency converter tool to give you an indication of the daily exchange rates. While the shop is closed, you can order HM products from a few places: Hobbyland and Kustom Models in Japan, Shmipu in China and, in terms of postage and tax most attractive for guys in Europe and the Americas, from The48ers in Cyprus.