Building The X-15

Here are some essential references for building a model of the X-15:

First and foremost I can't recommend highly enough the book "Hypersonic: The Story of the North American X-15", by Dennis Jenkins and Tony Landis. Not only does it contain a wealth of pictorial reference, it's also a highly informative and entertaining read (not alway the case with aviation monographs).

If you can find it, grab a copy of the out of print the "X-15 Photo Scrapbook" by the same authors. Just photographs and captions - extremely useful but now very hard to find.

To complement those books, you can find several detailed museum walkaround galleries on the internet:

On Primeportal for the X-15A-2: walkaround 1, walkaround 2, walkaround 3

On Cybermodeler for the X-15-1: walkaround

In addition to that, I have released 1:48 scale plans for panel and rivet lines of both the short X-15 and the X-15A-2 as the existing ones on the Special Hobby kit fuselage and wings are not in the right position (and the wings need a little re-shapeing as well). The plans feature all access and service hatch detail and lots of rivet lines. This plan is available as a double sided A3 print and comes as a package deal together with a photo reference CD-ROM containing hundreds of high resolution photos from Tony Landis' collection. Here you can find many of the photos used in in his book releases in high resolutino and zoomable form as well as lots more, previously unreleased pictures. I couldn't have made the resin sets without this CD. The package is available in the Reference, Drawings, Art section of the website.

To assist you further, I will provide something for you as well: over the coming months, I will start an online-build of an X-15. You can find the work-in-progress stages here and on the web forums of Hyperscale and Britmodeller. More info on that when it actually happens (time permitting).