About HM

Hypersonic Models are currently located in Gose City, Nara prefecture, Japan and products are manufactured, packed and shipped from there. All items for sale here are original Hypersonic Models' products, we don't act as re-sellers for other brands' or companies' products.

The background story goes:

As most things in life, Hypersonic Models came into being by accident. I wanted to make accurate 1:48 models of each of the three X-15's plus the X-15A-2 and perhaps also the early XLR-11 configuration. As I went along, I found more and more problems with the Special Hobby kit. So I started making many corrected and better detailed parts either from the plastic in the kit or completely from scratch using a wealth of photos, mostly courtesy of Tony Landis' great archive, as well as factory drawings and diagrams. Since I needed multiples of each part in order to make three or more X-15 models I made the parts modular, as patterns for resin casting. I put more and more effort into it and before long the idea was there to make them available to others as well. 

As I already had a number of possible other resin set releases in mind and also was in the process of making a decal sheet I decided to do things properly and set up a web shop for ease of display, ordering and promotion.

All parts are patterned, cast and packed by myself, it's (nearly) a true one-man-operation. I have also created the artwork for the decals, masks, photo etch and the scale drawings. Most of the more recent products are 3D CAD designed and 3D printed, some are direct printed parts, some are cast in resin. The decals are printed by Cartograf and Microscale and the masks are manufactured by Mal Mayfield/Miracle Masks. Link: 

I try to deliver the products in safe but minimal packaging with well thought out instructions to make the build experience as easy and fun as possible. My aim is to give you well researched and carefully crafted model parts that are to a standard that I'd expect from products I'd would use myself.

I hope you like the products, are happy with the level of detail, casting and printing and find them easy to use. If so, I hope you'll come back for more!

All the best

Jeffrey Kubiak