F-4 Phantom canopy details

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Detail parts for the inner canopies on F-4 Phantoms. The set comprises of resin and PE parts for windscreen, forward-, centre- and rear canopies and includes canopy actuator jacks, safety uplocks (optional installation), detailed downlocks, forward and rear compasses and various detail parts for the centre canopy section. Parts are included for all major variants: F-4B/N, F-4C/D, F-4J/S, F-4E/EJ, F-4F and FG.1/FGR.2. Also included are parts for the VTAS system in the fron canopy on late F-4J's, F-4N and F-4S as well as two lengths of different diameter copper wire for cable detail. Note that clear parts are not included!

I'd recommend the following books as ideal build references:

For (US)Navy Phantoms:

Danny Coremans' Uncovering the US Navy F-4 B/J/N/S Phantom

For Air Force Phantoms:

Jake Melampy's The Modern Phantom Guide - The F-4 Phantom II Exposed

as well as Eagle Aviation's Phantom Under The Skin I and II


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