Martin Baker Mk. H5 Ejection Seats

Price: ¥1100loading (exc VAT @ 0%)

A set of two Martin Baker Mk. H5 ejection seats for early F-4B, F-4C and F-4D Phantoms (until around 1970). Suitable for and tested with AcademyHasegawa and Zoukei Mura kits. The seats have cast on seat belts which differ from each other. Choose between Navy and Air Force seat sets as they are different in seat cushion, oxygen bottle/supply connectors and other small detail. 1:48 scale.

Note: a small update of the sets is currently in the works, especially suited for the new Tamiya Phantom kit(s). The seats currently for sale are NOT YET the updated type. They fit the Tamiya kit but you need to devise your own way of mounting them in the cockpit tub. The new seats will have a mounting device included. I think I will have those ready for sale by August 8th 2021.

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Navy or Air Force Seats

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