NF-104A Conversion Set (for Kinetic)

Price: ¥9500loading (exc VAT @ 0%)

This is a full conversion set to build an NF-104A aerospace/astronaut trainer aircraft from the Kinetic F-104G kit (important to note, NOT the F-104A/C kit!).

This set comes with all external and internal parts needed: four injection moulded plastic parts, many 3D printed parts, a turned brass pitot boom (by Master) and a full set of decals by Caracal (printed by Cartograf). A sheet of masking material is also provided as a cutting template to prepare the Kinetic fuselage. The rocket motor can be build both with and without the later type vent tube.

(Kinetic kit not included!)

The set is just temporarily out of stock. It will be restocked as soon as possible. Likely end of first week or second week of June.


Product Code: HMR 48061
Stock Status: out of stock

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