X-15 Reference package

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1:48 line drawings of the X-15 and X-15A-2 in typical configuration with XLR-99 engine. All access and service hatches and rivet lines are represented. The drawings were made on basis of several factory drawings, publicised measurements and then cross-referenced with lots of photos. In some detail, especially in the cockpit area (fuselage depth), I deviated slightly form the blueprint drawings in favour of photos to allow for more authentic looking spacing of panel lines and rivets. I can't guarantee that there aren't any errors, but I think this is as close as you can get (without having measured the original articles myself). The documents I used for these drawings are the same ones I used for making the X-15 resin sets (with said compromise I made to make it fit to the Special Hobby fuselage).

The CD-ROM contains hundreds of high resolution photos from Tonly Landis' collection. Some fo the photos have appeared in "Hypersonic: The Story of the North American X-15" and the "X-15 Photo Scrapbook", but many aren't published anywhere else. Tony used to sell this CD himself, but has now authorised me to copy and sell it. So be assured that this is a genuine copy, not a rip off. The CD even includes a folder of pictures that Tony didn't include in his own copies.

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