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Japan Post stresses that due to the global situation related to Covid19, mail disruption, delays and suspensions exist between Japan and many countries. Mail is affected by airport, customs and mail facility closures in the destination countries. As this web shop remains open and dispatches continue normally on this side, please be aware that delivery may not be as quick as usual. Please check the latest information here.

After placing an order or sending an email enquiry, please check your junk mail/Spam folders if you haven't received a reply within a few minutes. Many thanks!

A note to customers in the EU: There is no tax-free import for low-value items any more. There will be VAT levied on ALL purchases, regardless how small. Upon receiving your parcel you will have to pay VAT plus a handling charge by your local postal service. This shop is not set up for charging EU-based VAT at purchse and unfortunately won't be able to do so due to EU regulations. It is still totally legal to sell and send to the EU without charging VAT upfront, customers just need to be aware of the charges when receiving their parcel.

A note to customers in the UK: This shop is set up for charging UK VAT upon purchase. It will be automatically added to your checkout total and parcels will be marked accordingly with the invoice on the outside of the parcel. There will be no additional charges upon receiving your parcel.

What's new

Update 26/12/2021:

I hope everyone has or had a great Christmas! Unfortunately, I'm again the bearer of bad news, this time for my Canadian customers: Japan Post has suspended all air mail, incl. Small Parcels to Canada. The only option for sending anything is by surface mail with the associated long delivery times (ca. 12 weeks) and being untracked. Neither an EMS nor a Parcel Post option exists to Canada currently.

Update 01/11/2021:

Once again, bad news for customers in the USA and Australia: Japan Post has suspended small parcel air mail to these countries. It's of course Covid 19 related, but there is no informaiton to any specifics and how long they expect it to remain in place. For Australia, there is therefore only Surface Mail available, untracked/uninsured and with its three months delivery time. For the USA, it's either surface mail as well, OR (and this is brand new!), EMS. usually, I find that EMS is too expensive for small and light items like my products, but I thought I'd make this available in this situation. It's only for the US though. Prices start at ¥2500, but you can pack a lot more into the box compared to my normal Small Parcels before the price goes up. And of course EMS is fully tracked and normally relatively quick. I hope this will help somewhat.

Some good news: The FJ-2/3 Nose Gear set is available again! Small batches as always, but I now have a steady supply in place and it won't be discontinued.

Update 04/09/2021:

New items for the Tamiya F-4B are now available, with more being worked on currently. The McD 370gal wing tanks underwent a total revamp with the version for the Tamiya kits being available now. The other three pylon types are on the way. Two FJ-3 Fury sets are in the works as well and work has been going on to get the Fury nose gear leg back in stock (will take a little longer still). 

[Sticking] Update 25/04/2021:

Problem alert! I have made a mistake and undersized the ARN-101 antenna pod contained in the F-4E Slat Conversion Set (HMR 48039). A new part has already been designed and is being cast. Please see this pic for comparison:

All new HMR 48039 sets will have the new part from now on. But I also have a solution for those who already bought a set. If you place a new order, you will get a new ARN-101 part for every slat yet you ordered previously. Please notify me though, by email, PM, Facebook etc. Those who bought the slat set but won't make a new purchase can get the new part too. However, I'm very sorry but I can't send it totally for free. I can probably get away with sending it in a nornal letter so I'd like to ask you for a p&p constribution of ¥200 for every shipment. I think I can send up to 4 parts in a letter, after that I may charge more because I'd have to send it as a small parcel. My retail partners have been informed too and will have batches of replacement parts. My apologies once again, thank you for your understanding and cooperation.