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Update 15/10/2018:

Telford show orders: You can now place your orders for Scale Model World, Telford, with the usual 10% discount. Please select "Personal Pickup/Show" in the delivery options. I will then give you a 10% refund after your payment is complete. A number of items are currently out of stock, but will be restocked for Telford. Unfortunately I can't separate the normal sales stock from the Telford orders so I won't just add stock online. Therefore please email or mesage me if something you want to order is out of stock. I will then add it to your show order.

Update 09/10/2018:

Delivery disruptions update: Although progress is slow, the backlog of mail seems to be processed as some orders now show some progress on the tracking while others have arrived already. The problem factors are: orders between Sept. 20th and 30th, destinations other than the US and tracked orders. All orders from this time frame that have arrived already are non-recorded, US ones. I was told that recorded mail goes through another system of checks so in this case it is getting actually more delayed than standard mail. I can only ask you for some more patience. They are adamant that everything will be processed, but it takes time to work down the backlog.

All recent orders are being processed normally again.

Update 04/10/2018:

Delivery disruptions: I've recently learned that due to the strong Typhoon in Japan at the beginning of September some deliveries of orders placed in September are severely disrupted. While some orders were apparently processed swiftly and have arrived already, others are stuck in a processing queue, adding weeks to the delivery time. What's more, it looks like between Sept. 20th and 30th the tracking system broke and tracked orders just didn't show any progress. I was assured that all mail will eventually be processed and is not lost. For weeks mail normally flown out of Osaka Kansai airport was re-directed to Tokyo which overwhelmed the system. So anyone who hasn't received their order please be patient, it should turn up eventually. But if you are concerned, please get in touch and we will look into the issue. Thank you for your understanding. Btw, Kansai Airport is operational again and mail should be processed as normal and tracking started working again on recent orders.

Update 31/08/2018:

WE'RE BACK!! The web shop is open for business and (nearly) all products in stock. Please check the new postage rates and also the new currency converter tool (for guidance only - the actual charge is in Japanese Yen, so it might differ slightly form the displayed conversion figure). Happy ordering from Japan.

Update 23/08/2018:

Yes, the shop is still closed, but hopefully not for long now. I was hoping to be able to open around the beginning of August, but when starting from "0" products stock it does take quite a while to build up decent stock numbers. I don't want to open with half of the items still being out of stock. So I'm currently casting a lot, making new production moulds etc. and might be ready by the end of the month.

Update 11/08/2018:

It's been a while - thank you for staying with me! The workshop is set up in Japan and I will start casting imminently. As you can see, the website has received a little makeover as well. Once I have some stock I will bring back the product categories and activate the shopping cart facility.

Coming Soon: what's currently in the works, physically taking shape as we speak.