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Update 21/03/2020:

Virus Update: Hypersonic Models is operating as usual. The only thing to consider is that posting may take a bit longer with postal disruption and delays happening around the world. Thank you for stopping and shopping at Hypersonic Models in this testing time!

Update 26/02/2020:

Special notice to Canadian and Australian customers: the tracking service for my Recorded Delivery option does NOT work within these countries. The tracking number will show the dispatch and processing within Japan, but nothing beyond its border. Tracking also only works on the Japan Post website (link always included in my dispatch emails), but not on the Canadian or Australian post websites. I'm sorry about this, but there's not much I can do about it. The only alternative would be to send by EMS, but I don't think you'd be willing to pay the high price for it.

Update 20/01/2020:

Happy New Year everyone! Good news and bad news: The Good News: a new item has been released, HMR 48033, FJ-2 Fury Tail Surfaces. The bad news: I've discovered a problem with the Zoukei Mura Stabilator Upgrade set (HMR 48032): I've found wrong PE frets in the storage box for it, but have no idea if and how many sets have been sold with the wrong PE packaged into the set. The correct set should have the iSKU number "HMR 48032" written on the PE, while the wrong set has no number at all, just the Hypersonic logo. Could everyone who bought this set have a quick check and see if the correct PE is in there? If not, please get in touch and I will exchange it. I'm sorry for any inconvenience!

Update 01/12/2019:

AG-330 Start Cart kit released!

Update 20/11/2019:

The web shop is back open! A big thank you to everyone who came to visit the Hypersonic Models booth in Telford!! Now stand by for the AG-330 release on December 1st.

Update 06/11/2019:

The web shop is now closed. I will re-open after my return to Japan on November 20th. Please come and stop at my table at Scale Model World 2019. AG-330 Start Cart kits and all of the latest products will be available.

Update 04/11/2019:

The show pre-orders for SMW 2019 are now closed. Thank you to everyone who placed an order, I appreciate it! The web shop will close on Wednesday as well and re-open on November 20th. Please note that my table position has changed from last year. I'm in Hall 1, Position G6 /Block 1C, an end-aisle position, NOT an outer wall position. It's diagonally opposite the Airfix booth.