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Dear Customer: Due to the extraordinary global situation related to Covid19, severe mail disruption, delay and total suspensions exist between Japan and most countries. The web shop remains open, but please be aware that dispatch and delivery cannot happen in the same timely manner as usual. Please check the latest information in the "What's New" section below.

A product category "USA Domestic Stock" has been created, alongside the shipping category "USA Domestic". This is limited product stock that's already in the USA and isn't shipped from Japan. Please use these stock and shipping categories only on conjunction with each other. Please do not mix regular stock with "USA Domestic" shipping or "USA Domestic Stock" items with regular shipping. Also, please don't mix regular stock items with items from "USA Domestic Stock".

After placing an order or sending an email enquiry, please check your junk mail/Spam folders if you haven't received a reply within a few minutes. Many thanks!

What's new

Update 10/10/2020:

Air Mail to the US is back! For the time being, it's only standard, i.e. non-tracked air mail, but with the usual compensation for loss or damage. Delays can and shouls still be expected though. A list of the latest list of restrictions and suspensions can be found here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html

Update 25/08/2020:

I have made a new mail category live: "Surface Mail (no tracking, no compensation)". This will remain in place for as long as there are still air mail suspensions (the current list of mail suspensions of Japan Post is here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0806_01_01_en.pdf ). The cost is very low (¥300), but as the name suggests, there is neither tracking nor any compensation or insurance and it can take 10 weeks or more to arrive. It is very much "at your own risk", but it is at least a working means of ordering and shipping.

Update 15/08/2020:

Despite the ongoing mail restrictions, I've decided to release my latest four products: Pylon sets for the F-4 (Zoukei Mura) and a couple of upgrade sets for Kitty Hawk's FJ-2 Fury. This won't help my customers in the US and Australia presently, but there is some relief on the way. Victory Models in the US will stock my line (more details ont hat soon) and a restock including the new products is on the way to my trusted partners at The48ers as well.

Update 18/07/2020:

Air mail to the US is still suspended, but I'm building a work-around system. Here's step one: Customers in the US can now order stock from a separate category, US Domestic Stock. The numbers are limited but it may help bridging the gap before other solutions kick in. The stock will be handled by Andy Renshaw of History in Scale in Florida. I can only appeal to customers to only select this stock if you're in the US, US customers to select stock only from this category and then to select only "US Domestic (tracked)" as the shipping method. I have no technical way to prevent mixing things so I rely on you to get this right :) I hope this will prove to be a workable solution.

Further good news: Some air mail suspensions have been lifted in recent days. The latest list of suspensions at Japan Post can be found here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0716_01_01_en.pdf Delays are still to be expected, in particular mail to the UK has been subject to long delays recently.

Update 18/06/2020:

Japan Post has issued an update on the mail situation and has resumed air mail services to a few countries in Europe. Unfortunately, service to places like the US and Australia remain suspended. The updated list can be found here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0618_01_01_en.pdf

I can only ask all customers still waiting for orders to be processed for a bit more patience. The international mail situation doesn't seem to be high on the list of problems that countries are tackling around the world. Probably understandably so, but as far as this business is concerned this is my most immediate concern and I hope a solution will be found soon.

Update 01/05/2020:

There is now an English version of the latest Japan Post mail suspension list available: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0423_01_01_en.pdf

Update 23/04/2020:

Virus Update: Unfortunately it seems to get worse instead of better...Japan Post has now suspended delivery the US and a few other countries as well. Surfece (i.e. sea) mail would still work, but only as a parcel, not a "Small Parcel" or "ePacket" so the cost would be substantially higher (3x of a typical airmail small parcel) and with 2-3 months delivery times. Couriers like Yamato are also possible but also at very high cost. For the time being, deliveries to countries such as Canada, UK, Germany and France are still accepted but with long delays.

Coming Soon: what's currently in the works, physically taking shape as we speak.