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Dear Customer: Due to the extraordinary global situation related to Covid19, severe mail disruption, delay and total suspensions exist between Japan and most countries. The web shop remains open, but please be aware that dispatch and delivery cannot happen in the same timely manner as usual. Please check the latest information in the "What's New" section below.

A product category "USA Domestic Stock" has been created, alongside the shipping category "USA Domestic". This is limited product stock that's already in the USA and isn't shipped from Japan. Please use these stock and shipping categories only on conjunction with each other. Please do not mix regular stock with "USA Domestic" shipping or "USA Domestic Stock" items with regular shipping. Also, please don't mix regular stock items with items from "USA Domestic Stock".

After placing an order or sending an email enquiry, please check your junk mail/Spam folders if you haven't received a reply within a few minutes. Many thanks!

What's new

Update 30/12/2020:

Regrettably I had to disable ordering for customers from the UK from now. This is due to the changing and rather complicated new legislation regarding the collection of UK VAT. I have made an application for VAT registration, but the issue is as yet unresolved and as such I wouldn't act legally if I made sales to UK customers and send the orders without collecting VAT. I do hope the matter can be resolved reasonably quickly so UK orders can resume, but things are very much in the open at the moment.

Update 27/11/2020:

Update for mail to Canada: recorded air mail has been suspended. For now, only standard (untracked) air mail of small parcels and surface mail is possible (same as to Australia and the USA).

Update 12/11/2020:

Good news for my Australian customers: Air mail to Australia has been restored! However for now it's only standard, non-tracked air mail of small parcels, just as to the USA.

Update 08/11/2020:

The sale is now over, all products have reverted to the regular price. My sincere thanks to everyone who checked in and placed an order.

Update 04/11/2020:

!!!Breaking news!!! Hypersonic Models is holding a (rare) sale!!! It's the weekend of Scale Model World 2020, Telford, which, as we all know, isn't happeneing. So to give you the opportunity to still buy my products at a price comparable to a show preorder and offer some soothing from the disappointment there will be 20% off on all products in the web shop for the weekend.

Update 10/10/2020:

Air Mail to the US is back! For the time being, it's only standard, i.e. non-tracked air mail, but with the usual compensation for loss or damage. Delays can and shouls still be expected though. A list of the latest list of restrictions and suspensions can be found here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/overview_en.html

Update 25/08/2020:

I have made a new mail category live: "Surface Mail (no tracking, no compensation)". This will remain in place for as long as there are still air mail suspensions (the current list of mail suspensions of Japan Post is here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0806_01_01_en.pdf ). The cost is very low (¥300), but as the name suggests, there is neither tracking nor any compensation or insurance and it can take 10 weeks or more to arrive. It is very much "at your own risk", but it is at least a working means of ordering and shipping.

Update 15/08/2020:

Despite the ongoing mail restrictions, I've decided to release my latest four products: Pylon sets for the F-4 (Zoukei Mura) and a couple of upgrade sets for Kitty Hawk's FJ-2 Fury. This won't help my customers in the US and Australia presently, but there is some relief on the way. Victory Models in the US will stock my line (more details ont hat soon) and a restock including the new products is on the way to my trusted partners at The48ers as well.