Delivery Options / Postage Charges 送料

There are three main delivery regions: Japan, Asia (Pacific) and World. Within those categories you have the option of standard or recorded and insured delivery. Recorded delivery service varies from country to country. To some, only a signed-for delivery is possible, some countries offer full tracking, while others have both.

I have set three postage charge tiers: Envelope, Light Parcel and Normal Parcel, which are automatically selected depending on the items ordered.

Please note that the figures in the tables below are subject to change, but I always try to establish the best and fairest possible charges, based on (simplified) actual costs.

Japan charges are:

  Envelope 封筒 Light Parcel 保証付郵便小 Normal Parcel 保証付郵便並
Standard 普通郵便  ¥ 150  ¥ 450    ¥ 600
Recorded 保証付郵便  ¥ 200  ¥ 750    ¥ 950




Asia Pacific charges are:

  Envelope Light Parcel Normal Parcel
Standard  ¥ 200  ¥ 550   ¥ 800
Recorded  ¥ 600  ¥ 950   ¥ 1200

World charges are:

  Envelope Light Parcel Normal Parcel
Standard  ¥ 250  ¥ 600  ¥ 850
Recorded  ¥ 650  ¥ 1050  ¥ 1250


Please read the terms & conditions page for information on delivery, returns, damage policy etc.