A-3 Skywarrior Version Canopy

Price: ¥2500loading (exc VAT @ 0%)

This is a corrected (re-shaped and re-framed) canopy for the Trumpeter Skywarrior kits in 1:48, Version type, early and late. Cast in clear resin with standard grey resin detail parts. Early and late type are distinguished by the sextant position and the associated quarter panel framing. The escape hatch may be posed open. Applicable to Skywarriors with a pressurised cabin such as EA-3 , RA-3, and ERA-3 types. NOT applicable to any tanker based variants (such as EKA-3B) as they were in turn bomber based and as such have a bomber canopy.

Product Code: HMR 48027-1
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Early or Late Version

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