Kinetic F-16A Bundle

Price: ¥5800loading (exc VAT @ 0%)

This is a bundle deal including the Hypersonic Models F-16A Backdate Set (HMR 48055) and all the plastic parts of the Kinetic (Gold) F-16A (MLU) kit (Kinetic code K48100), WITHOUT DECALS. It all comes in a plain box, including the Kinetic instructions. So to build your Block 1-10 (or even early Block 15) F-16A, this is a great deal. All you need is then to buy a set of F-16A decals such as the great new sheets by Bullseye or PK Productions, or any other decals of your choice.

This bundle comes in a plain box. Be advised that only a maximum of two kits can be sent inexpensively as a Small Parcel by air mail. More than two kits have to be sent by higher cost EMS.

If additional items are ordered together with this kit they will be packaged inside this kit box.

Product Code: HMB 4801
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