Lockheed SR-1 Ejection Seats (for Revell SR-71)

Price: ¥1200loading (exc VAT @ 0%)

This is a set of two SR-1 seats for the new Revell 1:48 SR-71. The seats are very accurate in dimension and detail and have been fully CAD designed. The two seats in the set are not identical in the draping/positioning of the belts and hoses. One modification to a detail on the seat was made to adapt them to the Revell cockpit tub. The seats are resin cast but the ejection handles are 3D print parts, printed in slightly flexible resin material. The moulded-on seat plinths in the Revell cockpit tubs need to be removed for installation.

The Standard edition contains the seats and handles.

The Deluxe edition contains 3D printed ejection rails and canopy jacks. Installation requires a bit more work on the kit to remove moulded-on detail. Due to 3D print production limitations the Deluxe set is available only on smaller numbers and may run out of stock from time to time.

Product Code: HMR 48046
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Standard or Deluxe (with rails)

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