X-15 Forward Fuselage and Cockpit Set

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Full forward fuselage and nose with complete cockpit and canopy. The whole nose has been re-shaped in accordance with several factory drawings and photographs. External and internal detail is the maximum I could find reference for. The set features a well detailed ejection seat with shoulder harness and oxygen/coms connections, a well detailed rear turtle deck and bulkhead, rudder pedals and new control sticks (except the RCS controler, that one is well done in the Special Hobby kit). Includes full nose gear well, strut, door and wheels as well as fully detailed canopy interiour. Comes with canopy window masks and cutting templates. 

There are three different cockpit and nose gear variants available. Chose between the short X-15's numbers 1 and 2 (serial No 66670 and 66671) or number 3 (66672), both feature the short nose gear for the original, short  X-15 configuration (with the "big" XLR-99 engine). The difference in those resin sets is the cockpit intrumentation. These sets will require purchase of a "short" aft fuselage set to complete the conversion from the Special Hobby kit.

Or chose the X-15A-2 set with long nose gear and corresponding cockpit layout. You can use it with the un-converted Special Hobby kit, however, I offer an aft fuselage set for the A-2 as well as the kit is not very accurate in this area either.

The masks set enables you to mask both the rectangular and the oval window versions, the oval window masks feature a separate window frame mask as well.

When purchasing the set for X-15 numbers 1, 2 or 3, a small conversion of the opening for the nose gear door on the lower fuselage is necessary. The door is slightly different to the door or the X-15A-2. The different door is provided, but the opening needs to be adapted slightly as I neither wanted to do a destructive alteration of my master pattern nor use a cast part as a new master. Due to resin shrinkage, 2nd generation masters are to be avoided.

Product Code: HMR 48001
This product has been discontinued.