F-4E (late) Slat Conversion

Price: ¥2300loading (exc VAT @ 0%)

This is a slat-wing conversion set for the Zoukei Mura F-4E (early), hard wing kit. This set contains:

  • Slatted outer wings (cast in a special hard resin to prevent warping) with separate slats (parts in the photos with grey primer to better show the detail)
  • Inboard slat inserts. No cutting is required for their installation. New casting setup without casting block!
  • Wing/belly reinforcement strap made from self adhesive white vinyl material in two layers *
  • Formation "slime" lights with rivet detail (self adhesive white vinyl as well, the red in the photos is only for better visibility)
  • TISEO pod (with a clear lens and visible internal detail)
  • ARN-101 dorsal antenna
  • Strike cameras (more accurate than the kit contained parts)
  • New cockpit detail for the WSO office, now with all 3D printed parts: L/H and R/H console, throttle handle, radar scope with shroud and new instruments for the main IP

The production of this set is limited.

Special Extra Limited "Deluxe" version: This set contains a fully rivetted wing/belly strap instead of the plainer one in the standard set. Production of this item is difficult and happens in very low numbers only. Please select the strap variant below.

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Belly Strap Option

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