FJ-2/3 Fury Nose Gear Upgrade

Price: ¥1500loading (exc VAT @ 0%)

This is a replacement nose landing gear strut for Kitty Hawk's FJ-2 and FJ-3 Fury kits. The lower yoke is cast in brass in one piece (much stronger than the original) and corrects the misshapen kit part. The upper strut is cast in resin, with added and refined detail and has a nickel-silver rod cast integrally inside, at the correct extension length for a Fury at rest. The rod provides the required strength and also eliminates the need to paint the oleo strut silver.

Special: In very small quantities the strut is now also available with an extra long metal rod so you can model the Fury with a nose gear at full extension like it would be seen on the catapult at take off (like an F-4 Phantom), in flight or just after an arrested landing on the deck. Instructions etc. remain the same though. If my calculations are correct, the length matches the maximum extension length according to North American Aviation's documentation.

Product Code: HMR 48037
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Extension Length

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