FJ-2 Fury Tail Surfaces

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Correct(ed) tail surfaces (stabilisers, elevators and rudder) for the Kitty Hawk FJ-2 Fury as well as early FJ-3's. The FJ-2 kit only contains the ribbed elevators/rudder, which is correct for an FJ-3 and very late FJ-2's after transfer to the Reserves. There were also mixed configurations in use, such as smooth elevators and a ribbed rudder or vice versa, on late FJ-2's and early FJ-3's. FJ-2's in service (as well as early FJ-3's) had smooth-skinned control surfaces. As the elevators are rarely seen deflected (due to the unique all-flying stabiliser mechanics which moved the elevator deflection in unison with moving the whole stabiliser) I opted to provide the whole stabiliser/elevator as one piece, like the kit. No cutting is required, all parts are drop-fit replacements for the kit parts.

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