NF-104A Aerospace Trainer

Price: ¥12500loading (exc VAT @ 0%)

This is a limited edition complete kit of the NF-104A Aerospace Trainer. It contains the complete conversion set HMR 48061 (incl decals) and a full kit of the Kinetic (Gold) F-104G.

This bundle deal comes in a plain box. Be advised that a maximum of two kits can be sent by low-cost Small Parcel air mail. More than two kits have to be sent by (higher cost) EMS.

If additional items are ordered together with this kit they will be packaged inside this kit box where possible. However, they may then still exceed the maximum weight allowance or cause space issues. I may have to contact you in rare cases where things just can't be fitted combined.

SOLD OUT. (There may be a small restock at some point in the future, tba.)

Product Code: HMK 4802
Stock Status: out of stock

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