X-15 Stencils and Noseart

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Stencil, markings and nose art decals for any X-15 in 1:48. Use this sheet in conjuction with the paint mask set HMM 48001. The decals feature extensive service, warning and rescue markings for all three X-15's and the X-15A-2, reflecting many variations during their operational life, even including early markings of the XLR-11 configuration. Also included are stencils for the X-15A-2 external tanks (with and without silver background), cockpit instrument decals and placards for the ground dolly.

The full instructions are available for download only. They consist onf 17 A4 pages in .pdf format and the link comes together with the decals.

Also available is a combo deal of both the decals and the paint mask set. You can find it here.

All sheets sold out.

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